What Makes WOW so wow?

Worlds of Wonder is a ‘fun-tastic’ destination to come to if you are looking forward to having a blast with your friends or family. Here’s what makes WOW so wow: worlds-of-wonder-_-amusement-park-_-rides-_-wow-_-tgip-_-gip-_-noida-_-delhi-18

  • The first one on the list is the fact that Worlds of Wonder has a water park, an amusement park, and a go-karting track, all at one place. Which means you don’t have to drive to multiple places and stand in multiple queues for your tickets.
  • We offer you some seriously yummilicious food- WOW has 5 Café WOWs that offer you anything from a Punjabi thali to South Indian cuisines to a light sandwich or nacho chips. You name it, we got it including the all-time favorite McDonalds and that’s not all. There are many kiosks that offer different types of snacks. You will find Ice-creams kiosk, coconut water kiosk, ice-lolly kiosk, sugarcane juice kiosk, and the list just goes on.
  • Worlds of Wonder is one of the neatest, cleanest and hygienic places to come to and enjoy the water slides and all adventure rides. We make sure that things are in their best state before we open the gates to welcome you every morning, and our dedicated employees strive to keep it so, all day long.
  • WOW is very conveniently located next to Sector- 18 metro station. Driving down is also an excellent idea as there is ample amount of safe parking space available for your vehicle. You can bring your car/bike and use our hassle-free parking services.
  • The neighborhood is very safe as the place is always alive with people all around visiting the malls and markets located around. In fact, Worlds of Wonder is a part of Entertainment City which is a one-stop destination for shopping, adventure and for having a hearty time at one place without having to go far. You can shop from a vast variety of brands at The Great India Place and Gardens Galleria.

Now is the time to come visit us cause if you snooze, you lose the chance to avail some really WOW deals. Hurry and book your ticket now!!!

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