5 WOW rides you shouldn’t miss

Are you planning a trip to Worlds of Wonder, Amusement Park? If so, then you should check this out. After all, what a trip to a place if you don’t try the best it has to offer? And needed, a finance to your trip visit at payday loans soft credit check, you can get a great offer and lower interest.

Below is a list of some rides you absolutely shouldn’t miss during your trip to one of the finest Amusement parks in Delhi; that is of you can handle the awesomeness of beauties like:



Who said, “Size Doesn’t Matter”? This ride won’t be scoring high on the thrill-o-meter if not for the sheer size of it. try this ginormous structure to taste the thrill.


(Height Criteria: At least 135cm; Seating capacity – 24; Ride Cycle Time – 2 min 25 sec )



This ride brings it down with Swag! Feel the love gravity has for you as you are set free from a great high to get your feet back on the ground.


(Height Criteria: At least 120cm; Seating capacity – 20; Ride Cycle Time – 1 min 35 sec)



Need a new perspective to look at the world? Try this one! You will get to see the world from a lot of different angles and we bet you will be WOWed by each one of them.


(Height Criteria: At least 132cm; Seating capacity – 24; Ride Cycle Time – 3 min 21 sec)



This bike like seating style, facing outwards, will make you feel as though you are pulling off an upbeat Hollywood stunt. This is your chance enjoy it the fast and the furious way.

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(Height Criteria: At least 120cm; Seating capacity – 24; Ride Cycle Time – 2 min 20 sec)


This ride will rock your world with its 360° spins. You would never want to get off this one.
Word of Advice dear ladies, don’t leave your hair open.


(Height Criteria: At least 145cm; Seating capacity – 22; Ride Cycle Time – 3 min)


There, now you are well informed about the rides you mustn’t miss. Stay tuned for more information and updates from us which will help you have the time of your life here.

If you have already been here and tried these rides, tell us which was your favourite. Additionally, we’ll welcome requests of what you’d like to know/read about the Amusement Park/ the Water Park.

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